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COP 28 and the Finance Sector: How Banks and Fintechs Can Drive Climate Action

For those who may not be familiar, COP 28 is a major global event focused on fighting climate change.


Lune and Fintech Galaxy Team Up for Open Finance Innovation

We're excited to bring you some thrilling news - Lune and Fintech Galaxy have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding.


Lune's Commitment to Privacy-focused Financial Data Enrichment for Banks

In the age of digital banking, safeguarding customer data is crucial. Integrating third-party financial services can be a double-edged sword, offering benefits but also raising privacy and security concerns.


Open Finance in MENA: Game-Changing New Opportunities For Banks & Fintechs

Open finance and open banking – two buzzwords we often hear in the financial world.


Unlocking Financial Inclusion for UAE's Underserved Population

Picture a society where financial services are accessible to everyone, particularly those from underserved populations.


NBF Unlocks Customer Spending Habits With Lune

We're excited to announce that Lune Technologies has teamed up with the National Bank of Fujairah (NBF) to develop and deploy our Lune Data Enrichment and Insights Platform!


Innovation in Banking: 5 Digital Growth Strategies to Embrace in 2023

In this rapidly changing digital landscape, it's about time for banks and financial institutions to adapt and innovate in the industry.


The future of data categorization: exploring the possibilities with advanced machine learning techniques

With the way information keeps growing in size and complexity today, it is no longer possible to rely on the traditional and conventional ways of data categorization.


The Future of Mobile Banking Apps: 5 Key Trends to Watch in 2023

Banking has come a long way from what it used to be,in recent years, digital banking apps have completely transformed the way people manage their money, giving them a better understanding of where their money is going. 


The financial industry's carbon footprint: How to lead the charge toward a greener financial sector?

In the last few years, there has been a lot of talk about the financial sector's carbon footprint.


5 Digital Banking Strategies to Increase Customer Engagement In 2023

In today's world, customer expectations and behaviors are far beyond the scope of a single touchpoint. This trend is exploding as disruptive industry changes have given rise to new digital brand experiences. 


How we design fintech solutions at Lune: Our Philosophy

Alexandre Soued, Co-founder of Lune, talks about the work that goes into designing the leading transaction enrichment API in the Middle East


How UX is shaping the future of digital banking and why it's no longer an option not to have one

If you're looking to make your bank more in tune with the users of today and tomorrow, it's time to reassess how you're serving them.


How top banks use transaction data enrichment to improve customer experience in digital banking

Retail banking has been a rapidly evolving industry over the past few years. Existing traditional banks are now struggling to compete with the innovation from fintech startups and newcomer tech giants entering the market. 


The Shifting Sands of MENA Financial Services

In this blog post, we highlight the evolution of the MENA Financial Services ecosystem and the challenge of unstructured financial transaction data.


The Lune Story - from Building for One to Building for All

Lune started out of frustration, frustration that when looking at our banking apps we couldn’t understand where our money was going.


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