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The Lune Story - from Building for One to Building for All

Lune started out of frustration, frustration that when looking at our banking apps we couldn’t understand where our money was going. No matter how much time we spent going over our bank statements, it would take hours to decipher what the descriptions meant and then even longer to try to create categories. We tried some of the available solutions and looked at some of the more forward thinking banks but we still found that their solutions were inaccurate and irrelevant to us as end-consumers. So, we finally decided that if nobody was going to do anything about it, then we would - that was the moment the Lune App was born last summer.

In the following months, we brought together a team of passionate individuals who shared our vision and started building an app designed to not just solve our previous problems but also take it to the next level. Then came the launch, after months of hard-work we were finally able to see users jump onto the app, use it on a daily basis and help us find ways to make it even better. After a lot of feedback, we created features that offer people insights, enable them to set & track budgets in real-time and take on gamified challenges to make stressful finance a little bit more fun. We learned a lot about creating great personal financial management experiences and what were the things that people actually cared about.

Then we started getting calls from banks. They were interested in what we were doing and had been watching the development of the MENA fintech scene as it blossomed from a few player ecosystem to a vibrant globally relevant ecosystem within an 18 month period. At first, we were skeptical thinking that we’d be better off alone, but then we realized that we could do more for financial literacy by working together. It meant that we could help more consumers across MENA to understand their finances clearly and concisely without even the need to download another app.

This was when we decided that rather than create for one, we would create for all and power amazing experiences for a network of customers not just our own. That is why today, we are our opening up our APIs to power financial freedom across MENA and demystifying financial data for all.

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