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Lune Attains ISO 27001 Certification

We're excited to announce another achievement for Lune, we're officially ISO 27001 certified! We are marking a key milestone in our commitment to information security. Being recognized with an international standard highlights our dedication to safeguarding data, it assures our clients, particularly in the banking and fintech sectors, that their data is in safe hands with Lune.

Understanding ISO 27001

Essentially, ISO 27001 acts as a set of guidelines or a comprehensive framework for managing and protecting user information. Consider it like a blueprint for keeping data safe from all sorts of digital threats like hackers trying to steal information or accidental leaks.

For instance, think about when you shop online. You enter sensitive information like your credit card details, expecting them to be secure. ISO 27001 framework helps companies put in place the systems and processes needed to ensure that this information is well-protected, not just during the transaction, but long after.

For Lune, getting this certification means we adhere to these stringent standards. Our clients, especially in sectors like banking and fintech, can trust that their data, and their customer's data, is under the highest level of protection.

Benefits for Banks and Fintechs

Traditional banks typically approach fintech partnerships with caution, particularly when it involves handling customer data, a matter of utmost sensitivity. Therefore, it's crucial for us to meet these international standards, prioritizing our end consumers' security in everything we do. Banks and Fintechs could expect:

1. Enhanced Cybersecurity Measures: Stronger protection against online risks to keep financial data safe.

2. Reliable Data Handling: Careful handling of data to avoid mistakes and protect against fraud.

3. Streamlined Compliance: Easier compliance with regulations for our partners, saving time and effort.

4. Building Customer Trust: Keeping customer data secure, which is key to building trust.

5. Operational Improvements: Constantly improving how we work to be more efficient and reliable.

If you're interested in discovering how Lune's solutions can enrich your data and ultimately enhance user experiences, reach out to us today.

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