Lune® Technologies is the leading transaction enrichment and financial data analytics company in MENA. Our aim is to empower banks, fintechs, and retailers with the tools to unlock the full potential of their data. We do this by offering innovative analytics solutions that transform complex transaction data into actionable insights, helping our clients make smarter decisions, increase revenue, and deliver personalized experiences to their customers.

By the numbers

Countries Served
By expanding our reach across the MENA region, we directly enhance the data-driven capabilities of banks and financial institutions in multiple markets.
Regional Partnerships
Through our regional partnerships, we empower card issuing, open banking and payment companies with advanced transaction enrichment solutions.
Partnered Clients
We work with banks and fintechs across the region to refine their financial data, enabling smarter, insight-driven decisions.
Plug-and-Play Integration
Our tech is designed to work with any type of data storage and uses REST API integrations to ensure ease of integration with our clients.
Future 100 Company
Lune is Recognized as a Future 100 company by the UAE Ministry of Economy for its impactful contributions to the financial services sector in the UAE.
Strategic Vision
Transaction data has the power to transform MENA's financial landscape, but only if it's accessible and meaningful. Lune breaks down information barriers and geographical boundaries. By empowering MENA's leading financial institutions with powerful transaction enrichment and analytics solutions, we pave the way for a future where informed decisions, regional collaboration, and personalized financial experiences all become the norm.

Use Cases

We primarily work with banks and fintechs, but companies of all sizes find Lune a necessity when it comes to:

Enhancing Customer Experience

Transforming CX on Mobile Banking Applications by adding merchant logos, brand names and additional parameters, instantly making each transaction easy for users to recognize.

Transforming Bank Statements

Simplifying bank statements and reducing false chargeback requests through transaction enrichment.

AI-Powered Transaction Data Analytics & Insights

By Integrating our AI platform with banks, we unlock actionable insights into user spending habits, helping with strategic decisions and personalized services.

Simplified Money Management

Adding engaging features like budget tracking and financial goal setting into banking apps to empower end users with control over their finances.

Digital Engagement & Loyalty

Increasing engagement on mobile banking apps, and transforming mobile banking into a daily usable app to monitor finances, budgets and cash flow.

Increased Cross-selling & Upselling

Identify and leverage cross-selling and upselling opportunities with 25% more effectiveness through hyper-personalized messaging based on transaction data insights.

Sustainability Through Carbon Footprint Tracking

Enabling users to see the carbon footprint of their transactions while encouraging more eco-friendly spending choices.

White-Label PFM Solutions

Providing banks with white-label Personal Finance Management tools, easily branded and integrated into their existing systems, to offer users a comprehensive view of their financial health.

Increased Deposits

An average increase of a +15% in deposits across user segments with an increase in average savings.

Operational Cost Reduction

22% reduction in customer inquiries to call centers, simplifying operations and positively uplifting our Client’s brand image.

Lune’s Roadmap
How we grew from a single app to the leading data analytics company in MENA
It all began with a simple app designed to help people through their financial journeys, making saving and spending an experience that’s clearly understandable. Yet, as we progressed, we saw a bigger opportunity to make a wider impact within the financial ecosystem. Today, Lune goes beyond individual users. We’re powering businesses, banks, and fintech’s regionally, turning complex transaction data into clear insights for all. By doing so, we’re enabling our partners to deliver innovative financial solutions that meet their customers right where they need it most.
Our Investors in Growth
We are proud to be recognized by the government of the United Arab Emirates and to be a member of multiple ecosystems, backed by leading venture capitalists in the MENA region. Their support of our mission inspires us to improve financial technology and open access to financial data for all.
The Team Making It All
Lune’s greatest asset is our people. We have built a diverse team that loves what they do. Each member, an innovator in their own right, comes from a specialized background. It is their collective expertise and understanding of people, finance, and technology that turn bold ideas into real-world applications that challenge the status quo. Today, we've become the preferred partner for transaction data enrichment for banks and fintechs across MENA, and we're on a growth trajectory to take it globally. If our mission resonates with you, we invite you to join our journey.
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Lune HQ
Lune is an Emirati company headquartered in regional innovation hub DIFC, located in the heart of Dubai. Currently serving a wide range of clients in the GCC, our ambitions extend far beyond. We are actively expanding across the wider MENA region, aiming to serve financial institutions and fintechs globally.

Trusted by the region’s leading banks & fintechs

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What is Lune?

Lune is a transaction enrichment and financial data analytics company that specializes in enhancing financial services through sophisticated data processing. Its solutions empower banks, fintech’s, and financial institutions to offer more personalized and insightful services to their customers.

What services does Lune offer?

Lune offers data analytics, transaction enrichment solutions, personal finance management, and smart nudging tools designed to improve the offerings of banks, fintechs, and financial institutions.

Is Lune a PFM company?

While we offer PFM services, we're not a PFM company. Lune has evolved to focus more on B2B financial data processing and analytics.

How can Lune help my financial institution with data enrichment?

Lune helps by providing detailed categorizations, brand logos, transaction enrichment, and merchant information, making it more user-friendly for institutions and its customers.

Does Lune help other companies aside from banks and fintechs?

Yes. Primarily, Lune serves banks, fintechs, and financial institutions, but its solutions could potentially benefit any company looking to leverage enriched financial data for insights and customer engagement.

How does partnering with Lune benefit my company?

Partnering with Lune brings advanced data analytics and enrichment capabilities, enhancing customer engagement, enabling personalized financial services, and giving you a competitive edge in the market.

Is the enriched data accurate?

Yes, we use advanced algorithms, machine learning techniques, and in-depth data verification processes to ensure high-quality, reliable data enrichment and analytics.

Is Lune compliant with data security standards?

Absolutely, we meet strict data security standards like ISO 27001, to guarantee data safety.

Can Lune's solutions be integrated with existing banking systems?

Yes, Lune's solutions are designed for easy integration with existing banking and financial systems, without any disruptions.

How long does the integration take?

Integration is usually completed within a few weeks, with our team ensuring a smooth process.

What's your pricing?

Pricing would depend on the specific needs, scale, and scope of the project. Reach out to us for a custom quote.

Can I have a demo of the products?

Absolutely, just reach out to us to arrange a product demo and see how Lune can help your organization.

Let's discuss how our financial data enrichment solutions can add value to your business. Contact our sales team for a personalized consultation.

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