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Be The First to Understand Your Users with Lune
Track Spending
Uncover your users’ financial habits to shape products aligned with their needs across individual users and demographics.
Predict Market
Stay a step ahead with insights that allow you to anticipate market trends and build resilient products to meet the needs of each user segment.
Gain Actionable Insights
Take advantage of our integrated dashboard, providing valuable insights that help your team plan strategically.
Learn how your users spend or save their money to craft an exceptional user experience.
Gain a clearer picture of every transaction with meticulous categorization, backed by enriched information on a per-user level.
Complete Access to All the Insights You Need
From deciphering spending patterns to categorizing transactions and quantifying expenses, Lune offers an all-encompassing view of your users’ financial behaviors and preferences.
Integrated Dashboard with Streamlined Accessibility
Experience the convenience of having all essential information at your fingertips. Our unified dashboard enables your team to quickly extract insights and formulate action plans, saving precious time.
Subscriptions and Recurring Payments
Spot every recurring payment – from subscriptions to weekly shopping and bills. Predict future payments automatically to gain deeper customer insights.
Use Cases
Credit Risk Analysis
Trend Forecasting
Fintech & Digital Banking
Obtain a Complete Understanding of Your User’s Finances