Money Management
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Lune's Money Management SDK allows your Users to
Allow your users to create and track personalized budgets
Cash Flow
Empower your users to monitor their cash flow for better financial decision making
Enable users to track their spending and detect unusual activities.
Allow users to set targets based on specific numbers and within certain time frames.
Provide users with all the data needed to help them gain insights into their financial habits.
Enable Your Users to Track Their Spending & Budgets
Give your users total control over their finances. From detailed insights on expenses and savings to transaction categorization and spending trends, facilitate a holistic understanding of their financial landscape.
Subscriptions and Recurring Payments
Spot every recurring payment – From subscriptions to weekly shopping and bills. Predict future payments automatically to get a deeper customer insight.
Build Personalized
Saving Experiences
Reinvent your user’s saving approach with a tailor-made experience, meticulously designed to help them navigate towards their financial goals with ease.
Help Your Users Reach Their Financial Goals
Leverage Lune's Money Management SDK to offer users a blend of intuitive and gamified goal-setting features. By personalizing their financial journey, you enhance their path to achieving financial success.
Use Cases
Fintech Apps
Money Management
Digital Banking
Help your user's gain full control of their finances