Money Management System

Help your customers manage their money and track their spending using Lune’s Money Management SDK

Money Management Hero

Money Management

Lune helps users build a brighter financial future and manage their expenses, cashflow, and budget using our solutions for personal money management . We're here to empower your end users to take control of their finances.

Spending Habits and Patterns

Enable your customers’ to identify trends, anticipate saving opportunities, and understand their spending.

Spending Habits

All-in-One Place

Offering a money management platform that automatically analyzes your customers' spending and account data including their balances, debt, recuring expenses and cash-flow.

All in one Place

Gamified Financial Experiences

Engage your customers and help them build a better financial future by gamifying their financial experiences.

Gamified Financial Experience

Use Cases

Financial Analytics

Increase engagement

Increase satisfaction and engagement by providing personalized and proactive recommendations.

Money Management

Money Management

Improve your customers’ financial experiences through intuitive money management flows.

Credit Scoring

Understand your customers better

Access real-time information about your customers’ financial behavior directly from its source.

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