Transform raw transaction data into structured and actionable insights.

Lune is a single API that enables banks and fintechs to enrich and analyze transactions at the brand and category level.

By leveraging basic information such as the amount and raw description of a transaction, Lune helps institutions and users decypher where and what they’re spending including the:

  1. Brand Name
  2. Brand Logo
  3. Spend Category

Further, through the same single connection, institutions can gain an instant understanding of who their customers’ are and the frequency and value of spend that those customers’ value the most.

API for Financial Services: Lune API

Lune API - Introduction

How lune works

Lune is designed to be a simple plug & play solution, essentially enabling our customers to connect to our single API and get access to the enriched data within days not weeks.

Docs How Lune Works


All endpoints require an API key for authentication. The token is generated through the Lune Web Application.


Lune API uses a token-based authentication approach for its API requests, with each API request the client needs to pass an HTTP header with the name Api-key and its value is a token that can be generated from the web app or requested from Lune directly.

Security Scheme Type


Header parameter name




Content type

curl -X POST
-H "Content-Type:application/json"
-H "Api-key:{API-KEY}"  
-d '{"raw_description": "Amazon",  "amount" : -10 }'