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Transaction Data Enrichment

The Background

Inspired by the need for a savings solution in Saudi Arabia, Mthmr was born. This intuitive fintech platform is not just a tool, but a driving force for change, bringing together features like cashback rewards, smart saving options, and Shariah-compliant portfolios. Mthmr simplifies financial management into an engaging journey, enabling users to save effortlessly and gain a better understanding of their spending.

The Solution

With Lune’s transaction data enrichment API, Mthmr has been able to provide its users with profound insights into their spending habits, down to transaction data enrichment through details such as merchant names, logos and transaction categories, allowing users to better understand their spending and manage their finances, in line with Mthmr’s goal as a company.

Helal Lootah


“Lune for us is more than just a partner. They’re essentially our helping hand in helping users manage and understand money better. It’s always great working with a company that is in line with us when it comes to long-term goals.”

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